Tuesday, May 03, 2005

4 little squares and this is the first one I finish. It's called Budding Littles by Hollis Designs or Homespun Elegance I'm confused over the entire thing. I underestimated how much WDW Cocoa I had when I went shopping and now have none *sigh* guess I'll pick some up on Saturday after work or I might substitute it with GAST Sable - I think it may be a match. Anyway I've been enjoying being able to lay around and stitch like I use to so I'm off of this computer and off to look for something to replace my Cocoa so I won't have to stop stitching! TTFN Posted by Hello

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Jersey Mom said...

It's so pretty, so precious, rustic, cute and adorable!
My understanding is Hollis designs is a company created by the daughter of the woman who runs Homespun Elegance!
Guess talent runs in the family!
Can't wait to see this finished up...I love this pattern!
PS Bum Away!