Sunday, September 11, 2005

Evil Pet Mom

I took a liking in dressing Ana up. I don't think she fancy's it too much though. I want to get her a pink tutu but I'm afraid she'll be able to get out of it and rip it up or something. She's pretending to be a character out of my FAVORITE all time storyline - I'll let you guys guess who :)

Talking about my favorite books- I so want the Harry Potter edition iPod. Of course I don't think you can buy it without buying the digital books and I'm not about to pay $250 for the books and then $300 for the iPod. *boo hoo* because I really would like that iPod and it would have made a perfect Happy Birthday to me present. It has the Hogwarts Crest etched in the back - it's so beautiful. It would probably be a bitch transfering all of my now iPod crap into a new iPod though.

My birthday was the 7th of this month and I am now 25. Do I feel different? Hell yeah I do! I actually feel like an adult, don't know why but I do. 25 sounds so old maybe that's the difference hehe. Well I'm off - don't feel like writing much, plus the earlier I get in the shower the earlier I can start my day. I did absolutely nothing yesterday but sleep. TTFN and stay tuned for more Ana dress up pics, I went online costume shopping for her :-)


debbi said...

Ana does not look like the wicked witch of the west!

ha ha


Tracey said...

Happy belated birthday!! Your doggie looks so cute..

Leeny said...

Hey Mercy,

Happy belated birthday! :) And don't you worry, I will join you in the 'old' category soon, it's not too far off now!

Personally, I like the iPod nano better, I probably won't mind getting it as Terrence is hogging the iPod mini, but it won't be anytime soon as I have debts from my holiday to clear! Oh what fun.

Have fun dressing Ana up, waiting for more pics to come! :)


PS. Thanks for joining BookCrossing, and add stuff to your bookshelf if you're interested! :)