Thursday, May 26, 2005

I knew this was coming and tried my best to ward it off but failed :( I get in these funks sometimes. I don't know why but I do. It's not so bad but it just takes all of my energy and makes me feel eh - but a bad I don't want to feel this was eh. It effects all aspects of my life, I'm getting better at dealing with these moods but still wish they wouldn't happen. I'm not happy right now. I could probably win 10 million dollars right now and find something wrong with it.

I hate my job right now - the other days a fellow co-worker said she felt as if she was working in a nursing home. I couldn't help but agree with her, except I feel like I'm working in a psych nursing home, which are two places that I NEVER wanted to work in while in school. I've already got it in my mind that I have to go back to school. I probably could but at this moment don't want to be a staff nurse for the rest of my life and right now I feel that I'm stuck where I'm at and if I don't do anything about it my situation will never change.

Well I'm going to get some zzzz's that's pretty much all I can do right now anyway. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll feel better but something tells me I'll be feeling this way for a few more days.
Until then....

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Jersey Mom said...


I would like to venture a guess that this weather we're having isn't helping your mood.
I'm sorry!
Thinking of you, try to do something happy this weekend!