Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm off :)

The gave me the night off tonight. I actually realized that they started calling people and giving them the day/night off so I went to the office this morning after finishing my shift and requested it. It wasn't for sure if I'd get it off or not so I still had to sleep and get ready but once I got the call I went straight back to bed. I've been so sleepy lately, like really sleepy. I'm going to go to the doctor to see what is wrong with me because I don't feel right. Next time I go back to work is Thursday because I'm taking a personal day tomorrow. After that I don't think I can call out anymore though, I probably can but I won't chance it.

I'm throwing a Halloween party tomorrow for the little ones in my family. All togethere there are 5 of them. Five loud and energetic kids plus Ana. Gary will be here and when those 2 get together all you hear is thumping and jumping. I hope they have fun tomorrow, I know I'll be tired but with getting the day off it will help me out. I never knew throwing a party was so much work, but the nice thing is everyone we (my cousin is helping me) invited offered to bring something. The party is usually held at my grandmother's house, but because I have 2 aunts that are not so nice and don't want people visiting anymore it has moved to my house. It's a shame these 2 are so evil. I come from a pretty big family so there is always some drama going on but I've noticed these 2 are the primary trouble makers.

Well it's late, I'm going to watch some TV, make some treat bags and then I guess go to sleep. Bye now :)


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Mercy said...

Man what is up with all of this spam?!?!?

Leeny said...

yeah, it does get annoying, doesnt it? activate the verification code thingy, if you go to your settings in the comments section, you can turn it on and spam should disappear! good luck!

eileen :)