Tuesday, November 22, 2005

To everything bad there's always something good. It's true, remember my rant and rave about the Queen of Evil and Lardass? Well there's actually a nurse on the floor that totally erases what those two do, well for the night she does once I see the Queen it's sort of like "blah." She's taking some time off next month, I think she may be taking the first 3 weeks off and Lardass is going on va-cay soooooo "Yipee!" LOL. Well back to this nurse, she is the greatest to be around. She reminds me of the old nurses that I use to work with before they closed the floor. She's so helpful (being a new nurse this is muy importante) and she doesn't make you feel like you should really know it when in fact don't. I like working with her. Last night was just a great night for me, I'm so glad I didn't call out sick. I didn't even feel like crap last night (been feeling extremely tired with a headache for the past month dunno if I mentioned it.) I don't know how long me liking my floor will last because I think the next day I work Lardass works *sigh* but I also think the greatest nurse also works too, we'll see how this balances out.

I work Thanksgiving eve and Thanksgiving day, so I'll be thankful this year for the time and a half which will aid in buying Christmas gifts this year LOL. I've been craving turkey ever since I smelled a drunk on the train, it cracked me up. Usually the smell of a drunk is nauseating but this drunk smelled like whatever my aunts season the turkey with.

Dunno if I'll go shopping on black friday. I have a doctor's appt that I've been putting off for a week. I know what he has to tell me and I don't know if I'm ready to deal with it. I was suppose to go today but alas I'm here blogging.

Besides the bad news the doctor is going to give me and me feeling like crap all the time (it's so bad I almost fainted at work I had to sit and eat a high sugar snack - that's the only part I like about this LOL) everything else is fine. Ana is acting crazy, my mother says it's because she's getting old but if that's the case I'd hate to see her when she's really old because Ana's going on 4 and that's not old in my book. She's just been barking alot at things she never barked at before. I now seriously think that she may be able to deter any break-ins. The other day the deliverymen came to take away our mattress' and put in the new ones and she had a fit! Same thing when the gas man came. She's still ok if I take her out, she's still wanting EVERYONE to pet her. She met a dog the other nights and she decided to socialize when she was sniffing the dog she was like "eh" and went crazy with the dogs owner. It was funny you just had to be there.

Ok well I'm gone. I'm going to share one of my fav pics of my Halloween party (a month later) it's of your truly (Ana) and my cousin. He dressed up as a wolf and I thought it be cute if they took a picture together. Well Ana was a little scared of the costume at one point I guess she was confused. My other cousin captioned the picture as "Are you my daddy?" It's not a good pic but good enough to share. TTFN!

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debbi said...

I'm so glad that yave someone that you work with that makes you laugh and enjoy your work. I wish that you didn't have to deal with LA.