Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We all know who that cute and loveable dog is so I'll skip explaining all of those. The guy in the masks is Kelly when we were in Target. This one lady brought her son up to him and told him if he didn't behave she was going to have Kelly take him away. It was funny because the little boy kept staring at Kelly saying "I don't want to look at him anymore Mommy" but could not stop looking at him at the same time. In pictures they aren't that scary but in real life looking at a 6'3 monster is LOL


debbi said...

Oh ... she doesn't look very happy.



dazeymae said...

okay, these are just too funny.

Trish said...

The dinosaur costumer looks more like a frog's and it's hilarious!!! ROFL!!! She doesn't look like a happy camper there - me thinks she was happier as a clown.


Jersey Mom said...

Oh how adorable!

PS I'm sorry work is crappy - I hope it gets better soon!