Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's been a while!

Wonder if anyone still comes to visit me? Hmmm well I haven't been busy just lazy. Or maybe I have been busy who knows. Ummm dunno what to update on so I'll try to write whatever comes to mind. I haven't stitched in like months *boo hoo* but that's usually a norm in the summer time. I've been working like a dog it seems. My schedule got all screwy and I've had 2 back to back 4 day weeks the another one 2 weeks later. It's all over now though and I'm looking forward to my 3 day weekend that's coming up.

New thing is that I have now become a professional bowler - NOT LOL. No but really my game has gotten ALOT better. I've gone from a 50 average to like a 130 average. The bowling alley around here has $1.00 games and rentals and since I've owned my own shoes and ball for years it's really cheap for me. If my car wasn't acting up I'd be getting dressed to go bowling right now - I'm obsessed. I even bought another ball last week she's such a beauty I'll try and share a pic, I've named her Rebecca LOL. I have this weird thing where I name everything.

Kobe had surgery yesterday. He had to get his tail amputated. We pick him up today. He's had tail problems for like ever and this time it just didn't get better. It cost a pretty penny so we're not to happy about it, but anything for the kids right?

Well I'm going to get dressed I need to pick Kobe up from the vet. TTYL or whenever I get a chance to sit at this computer and blog. Ciao!


debbi said...

I'm here! I come and check regularly so I'm glad to see you posting again.

Enjoy your bowling. I actually bowled in a league way before kids and it can be a lot of fun with the right people!


Leeny said...

yep, me too! i always come and visit, did u see my previous comment on your that new york post? hee hee..... so happy to see you back :) as for bowling, i'm hopeless, i always get the gutter, i was tempted once to have those barriers up like the kids, but the person said NO! LOL. thanks for the comment on my blog btw, take care, and i will be back!

eileen :)