Saturday, July 23, 2005

Forgot One!

I've started stitching again. That JD piece Time to Garden took a backseat since I really hated it, so I started ED Old Green Gardens. I don't get to stitch much so I have no idea when this will get done. But so far I like it. I have the little yellow flowers done in the right bottom corner now but am too lazy to rescan it. We'll see how far I get the next time I take a picture of it.

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Leeny said...

YAY! I'm so happy you posted with lots of pictures, hee hee :) Hey, where's the one of Rebecca, gotta see that cool bowling ball of yours! LOL. Ana is cute, as usual, and love thos framed pieces. I like that a lot better than mine! Blech. So, did you tell the framer not to do mounts, or did you kinda leave it up to the framer to decide what would be best? Anyways, glad to see that you're stitching again, keep posting your progress as I would love to see the piece come together. Take care!

eileen :)