Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I'm sitting here thinking of the past. And would like to know how many people would leave their friends for a potential future partner?

I had lots of friends before meeting Kelly. Kelly was actually my old BFFs cousin. The friends that I had didn't "approve" of my relationship with him. Dunno why, they never told me. After dating him for maybe 3-4 months I had to make the decision of them or him. It was pretty sucky, of course you may already know I chose him. During those 3-4 mo I saw a pretty ugly side of my friends. So although I felt that I would probably regret my decision I really didn't want to be associated with such people - they turned really ugly and I mean REALLY UGLY.

Today I sit at this computer and am actually glad I chose him over them, he's my best friend and the greatest guy I've ever met. Although when he's in a crappy mood I probably think otherwise, but right now I'm really happy with my decision. And I don't think besides the time we were having problems have I ever regretted what I chose. I know there are some out there that would swear by their friends and would never do what I did, but oh well, I guess I'm different, I feel that really you have your BFF and then you have your SO and eventually, if you're lucky your SO replaces your BFF and you have everything in one. I'm also pretty sure they aren't as close as they were since getting older and what ever I missed is nothing compared to what I've experienced with Kelly.

He's a cool guy and now I have to go and get ready because he's on his way and hates that I'm never ready when he gets here hehe. Later gators!

PS - For some reason I can't fix that pic of Ana and my cousin *grrr* so sorry about not being able to see it :(

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debbi said...

Hi Mercy -
I never had to choose between friends and lovers. I guess I always chose lovers over friends and in the case of my husband, given that it's been 25 years now, I made the right choice. I've found that friends don't always want what's best for me - I certainly found that out the hard way since my marriage has lasted was longer than any girl friendship. If Kelly makes you happy - then you made the right decision. May you have many more years together.