Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm sick and happy!

I'm so sick that I feel like dying! Of course I'm really not because if I was I wouldn't be blogging about my illness, instead I'd be in bed resting. I have something exciting I want to share :) I stitched last night at work during my break and afterwards since it was a quiet night and I'm so happy with my progrss. I love specialy stitches ALOT, they're so fun and sometimes easy and go so quick. I'm almost done although if I go to work tonight (remember I'm dying so I may stay home) I may not find time to stitch so who knows when's the next time I pick this up - I'm really close to finishing this and I don't know if I'm happy because I'll have another finish or because I'll get to start something new...anyhoo here's a picture of my progress. I'm now off to drug myself into a peaceful slumber, hopefully what I take decongests me and I'll be able to breath through my nose. TTFN!

P.S. Pay no attention to the last row satin stitch I have to pull that out because its wrong *sigh*

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