Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Changed the layout and had S.E.X.

So I played around with my layout all morning, haven't really decided on it so this is sort of a test drive so far I like it.

Went to the cross stitch store in NJ today *yeah* It was mainly to get my last 3 finishes framed. I'm getting EDs Green Old Gardens with the same frame it shows on the model picture as well as SBs Spooky Spots. The mat and frame for Spooky Spots was the most expensive, I almost cheaped out and didn't get it framed but I figured I'm there it's there might as well just do it. I did get a new pair of scissors (hehe) as well as 2 new charts that I want to start now and the materials I was missing for other things.

I'm going to stop shopping for a while I know it's going to be EXTREMELY hard since I'm like a shopaholic. I want to save a little and get all of my cc's paid. The next time I spend is when I pick up my framing in about a month or longer. Of course I'm going to spend money to buy little things but nothing that I don't need. While I write this I'm thinking of the things that I buy that are not "needs" and I'm like OMG I can't buy those things anymore?!?!? LOL

Well I took pictures of the things I bought as well as the progress on my new WIP, I decided not to start any of my new things until I get maybe 1/2 way through this one.

This is the one I want to start ASAP! I'm gonna go blind doing it but I love love love it. I saw it stitched up on someone else's blog and it was so pretty.

Can't really see the model picture that well. I got the fabric and will probably stitch it in good ol' DMC but it really calls for silks which don't work well with my dry hands. Here's a link of better picture http://www.arachnessilkenweb.com/acorns_-_german_sampler_series.html

And this is the rest. Yes, those are the new Julia's :) I got fabric for the things I wanted to stitch as well as the floss.

Look familiar? It feels like I'm stitching Winter Snapperville again hehe.
It's BCs Spring Snapperland. Dunno how long it will take but I think I have the patience to see it to the end.

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