Friday, October 20, 2006

Good Finds! - Longish Post

So I decided after work to wait around for the needlepoint shop to open so I could go buy some new Zecca magnets. I got out at 8:45am and the store didn't open until 10:30am so I had lots of time to waste. Kelly and I had breakfast and walked around. We passed this upscale pet store and they had the cutest things in the window so of course I had to go in and browse. First I'd like to say I'm EXTREMELY proud of myself for not buying as much as I wanted to, although I did sort of order Ana a new coat for the winter - it was too nice not to buy soI had to, once I get it in I'll have her model it for everyone to see. I did come out with a small bag - I bought Ana this braided rope giraffe (Giraffe's are my fav animal hence they are Ana's fav animal,) and this water bottle adapter for Kyle for when we take him to the dog park. I didn't get one for Ana because she's a diva and will only drink water out of her bowl in her house, I have seen her turn up her nose when offerred "strange" water. The giraffe is small and was expensive for its size ($15) but part of the profits go to help out animal shelters so I don't feel too bad about paying so much.

We then walked some more after leaving the store and I resisted the temptation to go into a baby clothes store - my cousin is 5 months pregnant with her first child and I wanted to get her something but I'm on a budget!! But I don't know how long I'll resist baby clothes store since everything is so teeny and cute. Ok so blah blah blah we walked around some more and finally it was 10:45am and I could go to the needlepoint store.

They had the nicest things in this store - needlepoint wise. I don't think I'd like to try it but it was nice to look at. I asked for my magnets (this is where I bought my first pair of magnets) and bad news they were out. I was sad for a moment until I saw that they had beaded scissor fobs. They only had 4 but they were nice. I again resisted buying more than one but now that I'm home I regret it. I mean they only had four all different what if I go back now and the animal print ones are gone?!?!?! (These are the ones I decided I didn't need - I ordered a pair from nordic needle and am waiting impatiently to receive them *sigh*) I bought the ones that caught my eye first and of couse I have pictures to share of them :-) I'm really happy because they match the first pair of gingher's Kelly has ever bought me - my first real scissors. The pictures don't really show the color of the beads but they are sort of a purple/green irridescent color - they match perfectly. I have been using my Cheetah's but I put those away once I got home and am now going to be using my Leah's. I don't know what I'm going to do when my other fobs come in. How am I going to decide which scissors to use???? I guess I'll stress myself out when the time comes...oh and about my magnets she's (the lady at the needlepoint shop) is going to order some more for the holidays and will call me when they come in - until then I'll still try to find them at other needlepoint/knitting stores!

So here are pictures of my diva dog playing with her giraffe and my new beaded scissor fob!

The fabric shown is actually the fabric to the next project I'm going to work on. I may have to take a break from Spring Snapperland since it's a Halloween design I want to stitch.

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moonbugster said...

love your fur baby, she is beautiful! The scissors fob is so cute, I just love it!!!!