Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ana Post

I made the decision to sleep for as long as I could today last night. Apparently Ana felt otherwise because she decided to get into God only knows what this morning which required me to wake up and give her a bath *sigh* She was nice enough to wait until 11am to be discovered though.

I've had problems washing her the last 2 times so believe me I was pissed that I had to wash her. I've been keeping her clean by limiting her outside time and brushing her daily. It's not that I don't like washing her, she's rather cooperative while in the tub compared to Kobe who I use to yell at "and you think about what you just did" while turning off the lights, slamming the bathroom door and leaving him in the tub lol. She's just been breaking out in these horribe bumps no matter what shampoo I use and if you have pets then you know the vet bill isn't so cheap. So anyway, I used puppy shampoo that's soap free this time, didn't brush her while she was wet, rinsed her with a bucket instead of the showerhead, and dried her off with the blower - nothing to irritate her skin so we'll see what happens. Right now she's laying down on her bed licking her paws so we're not out of the woods yet. I'm praying that tomorrow she doesn't have bumps. They always appear the 2nd or 3rd day after a bath.

On a happy note, I can now start my stitching since it's still early (2pm is early for me) I usually go visit Kelly and take him to work on the Sundays that I'm off but today I just want to stay home and veg. TTFN!

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