Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

I think I may have more than one post today. I love Halloween, last year I had a party but this year I get to go to one, which hands down is totally better because 1. I don't have to clean up afterwards and 2. I don't have to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, which is such a hard job. Ummm, thanks to those that have stopped by to look at my latest finish. I'm glad it's done, I was so ready to move onto the next project. I chose The Goode Huswife's Sampler Farm. I think the fabric they gave me is 40 ct! I know it's small which I'll probably go blind on when I stitch the over one part. But I did just go from 28ct so it's probably just 32ct. I didn't get far last night I ended up faling asleep, but today I'm going to get the things for my quilting class (I'm taking a 6 week class) so while on the train I'll stitch some. I took some pictures which I'll share but it's really not much. I just like to add pictures to my blog really LOL. Oh, I decided to join this challenge alot of people are doing to reduce their stash. I have a bag of projects I want to stitch next to my bed and just listed all of those projects. Some people are doing 50, some less. I think my list is like 15-16 I'll post it later on in the sidebar or something. Ok ltr!

Before the "damage"

After the "damage"


moonbugster said...

Have a great time at the Halloween party!!!! It is much better to attend rather than host!! lol I can not wait to see more of Goode Huswife's Sampler Farm!

Meari said...

I hope you had fun at the party. I've never been to one.

What's that colorful little circle thing on your qsnaps? mearitaira@yahoo.com