Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've slept my first day off away. I think my beauty sleep lasted for close to 20 hours! I was up for about 4 hours between that stitching so really I slept for 15 hours. It's hard working 3 days in a row but it's also hard working 2 days off for 1 and then working 2 days again. *sigh* 12 hour shifts are just never easy. I'm back to work tomorrow. Today I don't really have plans, I told my cousin I'd go to the movies with him and yesterday morning I bought the cutest little baskets to put my halloween candy in for all of my tiny cousins and neice and nephew, so I have to buy candy. I'll show pics once I get them together.

I have no update picture of my stitching. I really don't feel like I've made much progress. Maybe after tonight's stitching I'll show a picture. While at the craft store yesterday I saw they had a flyer up for knitting classes for $22, of course I wanted to sign up but I work the day they're holding it. There's this knitting store around Kelly's house that I always say I'm going to go in and sign up for classes but never do. I'd like to try other things besides cross stitch, but I'm pretty sure it will remain my first love. I'm taking a quilting class in November and December. I'm excited about this because I figure it will teach me new ways to finish my finishes. I just have to get my sewing machine fixed. I plugged it in one day and it wasn't working *tear*

Well I'm starving and need to go eat to get rid of this "hungry" headache. TTYL

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