Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm GREEN!!!!

And not with envy. It's more like green like The Hulk. I pulled out my stitching yesterday at work and finally stitched to the point where I could start on the part that I had been waiting for - the border. I got 2 flowers done and today when we were on the train (Kelly and me) I pull it out again because I'm so excited to stitch on these flowers. Three stops before our stop Kelly goes to me (he knows I'm excited about these flowers) "I don't want to rain on your parade but I think that box is bigger than the other." Of course this was something that I did not notice until he pointed it out. All my excitement over the flowers went down the drain. I counted and on the first square that I stitched I was one off *grrrrr* one measly stitch!!!! So I ended up ripping it out. I still have a picture to show though, but you will notice that I'm in the process of ripping out part of one of the squares! I must go to bed now I work tonight and should have been sleeping an hour ago but honestly aren't my 3 flowers cute? LOL Enjoy!!

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