Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Update :)

I haven't been doing much stitching, unfortunately my wrist has been hurting me. I don't know if it's from typing on my laptop or from when I went bike riding with my cousin. Its a bearable pain nothing excrutiating. I have been putting some stitches here and there but the progress has just been to slow for me to get motivated. Plus its like something ALWAYS comes up just when I think I'm going to get some uninterrupted time for stitching. I've been going to sleep early and I usually stitch late at night so its like everything is just working against me stitching *sigh* Good news is I have a progress pic *and* I went ahead and bought the scissor fob from the needlepoint store hehe.

I'm going to The Killers concert tonight at MSG *yea* hope they put on a good show. If I don't get home too late or too tired I'll stitch. I'm tempted to kit up a small project to take to the concert with me just in case LOL. I laugh because only a true stitcher would want to take along a project to something like a concert. TTYL and enjoy the pics. I've done some vamping to my blog also so if you haven't seenchecked it out yet enjoy that too!


Cindy said...

Love the progress, that is going to look fantastic finished! Love the scissors fob as well and it looks great with those scissors. You are right, only a true stitcher would consider stitching at a concert! lol That is what makes us so wonderful though!! lol Anyway, hope you have a great time at the concert, even if you stitching there!!

Stitchingnow said...

You are right, only a true stitcher would consider stitching at a concert! That would be me as well.
Love the progress

Barb said...

Great progress. Hope your wrist gets to feeling better. Maybe you just need a break from stitching and computer or wrap it when you are at computer and stitching.

Emily said...

I think that is so great that you considered taking your stitching to the concert. I always have a project or a book with me and people think I'm crazy....now at least I know I'm not alone!