Friday, September 29, 2006

Spooky Spots

So I went back to Spooky Spots. It was slow at first and I didn't think I'd get into it but last night I did. I'm almost done with all stitching and back stitching and will finally get to all the specialty stitches, which to me is the BEST part and the reason I saved it for last. I've already been eyeing my next project. Not sure whether to start SBs Autumn Blessings (there's a specialty stitch in their that seems scary) or on Bent Creek's Spring Snapperland or BCs Snapperville. Of course there are more that I want to start but so far these are my top 3. As always here are some pictures of my progress, I haven't decided if I want to add any other pictures of my growing scissor collection LOL. I got a comment on my space from someone who read my blog that I needed to get out more b/c of my scissor habit lol - some people just don't understand hehe. I'm off to get ready to get out of here, woke up at 4pm and my day is just about ruined - tomorrow it's off to work!

Okies so this is before I started stitching on it yesterday.

This is after stitching on it. I'll probably do somemore tonight. Can you see a difference? I sort of do but don't at the same time.

Ok so just one pic of scissors. I'm taking a quilting class this Nov-Dec as a b-day present to myself :) and figured I'll need scissors so I bought the 8" Amanda's. Now that I think of it I should have bought them in left handed but I've been living in a Right handed world all my life so maybe it shouldn't make such a difference!

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