Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mini Finish and some other pics

I've been up since my last post. This is what happens when you work nights I guess, your sleep hours get all screwy. By 8pm tonight I bet you I'll be asleep in bed *sigh*
Good news is that I've been stitching since then and have finished my second square *mini happy dance* Here's a picture:

In one of my groups a question was asked which stitched up piece to do you cherish the most for sentimental reasons. The first one that popped into my head was one that I stitched by Birds of a Feather called Love. I stitched the little guy brown to resemble Kelly. I pulled it out this morning to take a picture of it and decided that this will be the next piece I take in to get framed. I stitched it on Sugar Maple Fabrics some sort of evenweave dunno what kind, don't really know what the color is called but its gray and its my favorite color :)

And lastly here's a picture of my baby. This is what she does as I stitch in bed. I have to take her out soon before it starts to rain again. She has bumps from when I washed her. Not too bad like the last time so I'm not taking her to the doctor. I'm thinking maybe I should wash her with Johnson's & Johnson's baby shampoo next time since she's so freaking sensitive now but shouldn't puppy shampoo be equivalent to baby shampoo? The toy she's laying on is her favorite toy of the week. I bought it for her when I saw the Pet Smart commercial of the dachshund with "Bobo" I love that commercial!

She has a big basket with stuffed animals. Guess I'll share a picture of that too so you can see how spoiled she is. What's so amazing to me is that she smells all her toys and then picks one to play with, like she knows they're different. Kyle doesn't do that you tell him get your toy and he picks up whatever, he doesn't care lol.

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Karin said...

Spring Snapperland is looking good!