Sunday, October 22, 2006

Picture Time!

To start off we have a picture of Ana modeling her Halloween Costume. I decided to make her Tinkerbell for this Halloween but really don't like how it looks on her. It just looks like she has a green frock on and compared to her last year costume (she was a butterfly and looked so cute wish I had pics) this one is horrible! So it's going back and judging from the second picture she's happy with this decision LOL.

I found these zipped up folders at Target yesterday and thought they make a good project holder. They don't fit my largest Q-Snaps but the second largest fits perfectly. They were the only 2 they had, so I'm going to check the Target by Kelly's house to see if they have more in a bigger size. I know Stitch-a-Gift makes zip up folders in a plastic perforated material that may fit the bigger Q-Snaps so maybe I'll check those out next time I'm at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch.

And next up are my scissor fobs. I ordered 2 from Nordic Needle and they came in yesterday *yea* I love stitchy mail :) The first one is the animal print for my Cheetah's, they aren't as nice as the ones at the needlepoint store so I may not keep them PLUS they scratched the handle when I put them on :( If I can tolerate it I may stay after work again to see if the animal print are still there at the needlepoint store. The next ones I *love* (almost as much as my Stitch Bitch ones) they have ladybug's on them. When I saw them online I was a bit iffy on them because of the tassle but they are so nice. I don't know if you can see it but the red round beads are ladybugs and they have 2 ladybug charms at the end. I love them :) I thought I'd put them on Sophia or Penelope but they matched better with Lindsay. Last pic is of all of them together.

No update picture of Spring Snapperland because I haven't stitched on it since last update *sigh* so depressing. I actually wanted to be don't with it by now, but weekends are horrible for me to be off because my cousins are off and expect me to hang out with them, which I don't mind but sometimes I'd like to just stay home you know? I work tonight so plan to stitch until its time for me to get ready. So maybe if I'm not running late I'll take a picture of what I got done, that is IF something doesn't come up again!


Cindy said...

Ana is just too cute! She does look as though it will not bother her at all not to have that costume for Halloween! lol That is a great idea with the zipper bags. I just love the scissor fobs!!!

Leeny said...

Hey Mercy! :) I remember Ana in the butterfly outfit, she was really adorable in that one! If I remember correctly, I think it was purple and pink! I guess green is not really Ana's colour, hee hee. Oh, and I really loved that giraffe rope toy you got for Ana, it was really funky and it looks like she's enjoying it heaps!

And your comment got through okay on my blog, yippee! I never thought my framer was quick, but I guess a one-week turnaround is pretty good! I still can't wait to see your framed pieces, so be sure to blog about them when you get them back! :) Looking forward to your Spring Snapperland update too!

eileen :)

Emily said...

Your dog is adorable! Makes me miss having one!

The new blinkies are fabulous too :-)

Meari said...

My dog wouldn't be happy wearing a costume either. She mopes and looks at me like: "Why do you do this to me?" LOL