Saturday, October 28, 2006

So I had to take off today and I have to take off tomorrow because of my wrist. The left one is ok, which is great because again I'm left handed but the right one is all screwy. With a brace on its ok but if I take it off 10 minutes later I'm in pain. Its not carpel tunnel *yea* the doctor says its tendonitis and just to rest it. I won't lie I probably haven't been resting the way he meant to rest it. I've been slowly stitching...I've been taking breaks here and there so no pain, but it feels weird with this brace on.

Anyway I have an update pic of Spring Snapperland and yesterday I went through my stitching and found one of my favorite pieces that I stitched for Halloween some time ago so I'll share that too.

I'm getting to the finish line slowly but of course around this time is when I get anxious about actually getting it done!

My favorite ever piece stitched by Sheperd's Bush. I think its called Trick or Treat.


Leeny said...

Hey Mercy, glad to hear that your wrists are slowly getting better! Although, don't overdo it with the stitching, I know it's hard to resist, but you should be sure to give your wrists lots of rest!

And I remember that SB piece, it's beautiful! And you are a big Halloween fan too, hee hee. Are you planning to get this framed soon?

eileen :)

Cindy said...

Spring Snapperland is looking just wonderful. I love the Trick or Treat piece, it so cute! There are so many cute halloween pieces out there, next year I am going to have to go all out for halloween! ;)