Saturday, January 08, 2005

Still tired...

I really should be in bed on my 8th dream but I'm not. At the same time I shouldn't be home right now but I am. Last night was my cousin's show, after he got done playing we decided to go to the diner and although I should have came home right away, I didn't and ended up coming home at 4:30am. Definitely not good when you have to wake up at 7:45am to get ready to leave by 8:50am. People on the train probably thought I was a runaway because as soon as I got the chance to find a corner seat and lean on the wall I took a nap. Tonight we were suppose to go see another band play and we did but my younger cousin didn't have the proper ID to get in so we went to eat instead and here I am 1:30am and I'm home. In a way I'm glad but in a way I'm not - I really wanted to see this band play, oh well maybe next time - they're always playing somewhere it seems. I'm making my little cousin go get her learner's permit or state ID this week.

I think I might start planning my first real trip soon. I want to go to the Bahamas. They have ads all through the trains and the pictures look sooooooooo nice. I don't know when I'll be able to go, I don't even know if it's worth to go for 3 nights, but as soon as I find out I'll start saving. I'm also afraid of going. I don't know if tsunami's can affect the Bahamas but after what happened in Asia seeing all of that open beach is a bit freaky.

I've been going back and forth to the hospital since Tuesday. The train ride isn't that bad if I had something to do but I don't so I get drained. The fact that I don't get much sleep at night (maybe 4-5 hours) kills me too. I don't know how I use to survive in my early years of college with no sleep because I can't do it now. I feel bad for Ana, it's like she saw me everyday for the last 4 months and now we hardly see eachother unless it's time for her to eat, get walked, or go to bed. As soon as she sees me getting dressed she goes inside her cage. I'm glad she does because atleast she's not having a heart attack like she use to whenever I left. I wish I could leave her out but I really can't trust her like I can trust Kobe. I hope it's not like this all the time when I start working.

I have not stitched all week. I want to start something new but I think I'll feel guilty if I do. It's like I NEED to stitch but don't have the motivation to stitch on something I already have started. *Sigh* I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow I'm taking my mother to AC Moore, so maybe being there will inspire me to stitch on some of my projects :)

Buenas Noches :)

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Jersey Mom said...

You sound sooo busy! But good busy!
I hope you get some stitching motivation soon - once you start your job you'll be in a routine, that might help.
I went to the Bahamas a few times (the one place in the Carribean I went so many times I can't remember HOW many), the shortest stay was 3-4 and it was enough. If you go though, try for Paridise Island, it's so nice, esp. the huge fish tanks in Atlantis.