Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another day another complaint! Actually I have been in a real good mood all day so I don't have much to complain about.

The train was SUPER crowded today - of course it was running late and the train that I took (7:15ish) was really the train before mine. I had a seat so I didn't care much, plus my cousin didn't go to school today so I took his iPod. This pervert guy sat next to me on the train - the way he was looking at the feamles on the train disgusted me. He looked like he was undressing everyone with his eyes and so not discreet about it. *yuck* I think I thought about everyone this morning which could have made my day better. I thought of my "cookie" (which is my cousin) because we're suppose to take the train together and haven't until this day but tomorrow will be our first day and I won't have to worry about pervert guys sitting next to me. I also thought of him when he told me to go to the back of the 6 train because there are more seats and when I get there no seats were available - THANKS COOKIE!!! On the 6 train this lady was staring at me as if I had an affair with her husband. I smiled at her to warm up her stare but it didn't. When I get off someone pushes the crap out of me to get in front of me - got to love NYC!!! That made me smile because I thought of my friend P and how she gets to drive to work but I don't think I envy her too much after hearing about her morning today ;-) Actually I think it was the music that made me not to upset about everything - I was listening to Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 and the beat kept me up.

I thought I got enough sleep last night but I didn't because when the speaker came in to talk about NGT's and Chest Tubes I nodded off. I did get to leave 15 minutes early again today. I hope I get out early on Friday because I am going to PA for the weekend!!! I'm happy about it BUT my throat feels funny and I hope I'm not getting sick or else my weekend will be crappy. I'm off Monday because of the holiday - gotta love Martin Luther King Jr. for having a dream hehe. I may stay an extra day in PA but not sure, I'd like to spend the day with Kelly, he has free movie tickets for some movie with Lawrence Fishburn or whatever his last name. Well anyway my throat feels funny and I knew I would get sick because on my crowded train everyone was coughing and I thought to myself I'm going to wash my hands as soon as I get to work and I did and I hope it works. Not to mention that I said I wanted a flu shot today which means that I jinxed myself for getting sick!

Kelly took me to lunch today, whenever he does little things it makes me realize that I like/love him alot. He's really nice to me. Like some of things he does, I don't think any of my ex-bfs would have ever done.

I think I have a routine so far but it's going to change soon since I'm going to 12hr/days next week I think or the week after. That should be fun - I'll work 8am-8:30pm for about 3-4 weeks and then get switched over to nights. So I have a bumpy month ahead of me. It shouldn't be too hard to switch over to nights since I'm a night owl but the days are going to kill me. Oh guess what I learned today? The IV team will be non-existent come August 2005 so I will have to learn how to start an IV *woohoo* (btw I'm being sarcastic!) I'm not afraid to do this, I mean once I get the hang of it I guess it will be cool, but I really didn't want to insert IVs. I also learned that my IV Instructor took care Julia Roberts!!! Yes it's true I am not so much closer to Julia Roberts that I anyone ever knew LOL. He took care of other famous people too but I was only interested in her hehe.

Well I'm way pass my computer time - like I said I have a routine and by this time I'm getting ready for tmr as well as getting ready to stitch for a while :) My stitching is going at a snail's speed but atleast I get to stitch now :)


Jersey Mom said...

I had my Ipod on today too going to work which probably just pumped me up to drive like a crazy woman on the Turnpike that plus the eastern spur of the NJ turnpike was full of potholes by the Lincoln tunnel so I had to get off go through Secaucus and get on the western spur - major delay, but better than sitting on the Turnpike at a standstill. But I got this Ipod hookup for the car and I'm so happy with it! I downloaded some of those songs Tawny's DD recommended too, love them all! Ok I'm babbling now...hope you get to leave early on Friday too. I have to work Monday, but not a whole day, it'll be dead!

Leeny said...

yay! glad u're getting in some stitching time. and to answer ur question, what i'm stitching next is another exchange project, not going to spill the beans too much, but it's a little house needleworks piece, hee hee. and i'm going to bug u here, get started on stitchy kitty's frost on the pumpkin as soon as u can! it's really too gorgeous to be left as a ufo, so try to get back to it! :) anyways, i hope u have a good weekend, and isnt it great to have mondays off? i mean, right now, i pretty much have everyday off, LOL, but once i start work, i hope most public holidays will fall on the monday, that way i can have an extended weekend! hee hee... alrighty, i will leave u for now, enjoy the rest of ur week!

eileen :)