Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It seems that things always get hectic once my vacation is about to come to an end. I really don't have anything to do this week but at the same time I have lots to do. I have my cousin's shows and shopping to do and it all happens on Thursday.

The interview today went well. Whether I'll get the job, I'm not too sure. The nurse manager told me she had one more person to interview and she wanted to give everyone a fair try. Maybe that means sorry I didn't like you for the job but I won't tell you directly, if it does then I'm sad :( Atleast I still have a job, just don't like my hours. It sounded all good at first but as I kept thinking about it - it was like OMG I really can't hang out like I would want to and when will I see Kelly? I'd really like to work at the other hospital just I'll keep my fingers crossed.

No stitching or any crafty stuff for me today. I did go stash shopping. They opened an AC Moore around here. Well not directly around here but in Long Island where I usually do my shopping. I love it - it's better than Michael's in my opinion. I bought some fabric and floss for my ornaments and also got the material's for my cousin - she's helping me stitch some ornaments for the St. Jude's Hospital thing for one of the groups I'm in.

Another plus to this AC Moore is that it's also next to an aquarium store. Don't know if I mentioned but around my birthday in September I wanted a marine aquarium really bad. I didn't get it because a. I don't have the space and b. I don't know the first thing about maintaining a salt water tank, but this store is having a FREE seminar on Saturday and Wednesday and you know who may attend :) I also bought another pet while I was there. I got a beta fish and named it Alfred. I'm so silly! I plan on making his home into a vase arrangement with an aquatic plant and putting it on my desk or maybe in the living room. My dad already killed my dream and said it would die by the end of the week. I think I'm going to get into an arguement with him soon because his little comments are starting to really bother me. He makes me want to shake my fist's at him in an angry way LOL. I don't know why he has to criticize and comment negitively on everything. Maybe it's his way of coping with me getting a job and not needing them anymore...

Well I'm going to see if I get some stitching in before I go to sleep. Nite nite :)

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Leeny said...

hey mercy,

keeping my fingers crossed for u. i'm hoping u get the job, i sorta had similar comments during my final interview at HP, and the guy also said that he had to keep everything open and not make any promises at this stage, so i'm hoping u got the outcome that i did! :) if it doesnt work out, u do already have a job, and u can always keep looking out for better opportunities. anyways, good luck, and keep us posted!

eileen :)