Sunday, January 30, 2005


I'll start off by talking about Ana - she's a trip. She makes me laugh everyday. Today I was eating chocolate and I know chocolate is toxic to dogs and so does she. Well she doesn't know that it's toxic just when I'm eating some not to beg. Well a teeny piece fell on the floor and you know who was the first one to scoop it up. I'm wondering how long she's been waiting for that moment to happen and if she had a blog would she blog about it...

Right now she's on her back rolling around with her rope in her mouth. She looks so cute. With Kobe you had to play with him in order for him to play with his toys, unless it was a bone or something, with Ana she's pretty happy playing with them by herself. Another funny thing she did today was looking out for my mother before entering her room. I went to sit down on the edge of my parents bed and my mother was in her closet. Well Ana always comes in when my mother is not home, both my dad and I let her but my mother doesn't want her in there. Well when my mother is home she sits at the door and looks in. Today she sat but looked around to see if my mother was in there - you should have seen her stretch her neck it looked so funny. She didn't see my mom so she came in but once she saw that she made a mistake she ran back out and sat down quickly.

Ummm payday was Thursday - the gov't took most of my money which made me sad. I hate taxes but then again I doubt anyone does so I'll just join the club. Ummm was able to buy my iPod and while shopping for my iPod I fell in love with a watch so I stopped shopping and am now saving for it. It's all my cousin's fault for taking my to look at watches since he figured it was time for a new one - it really is but I was kind of intimidated by the store - then I tried on the watch. I figured by the end of next month I will be the owner of a Breitling :-D It was actually the cheapest watch I tried on which is good for me that I didn't like any of the others none of them caught my eye the Breitling - oh how I love it so. It's beautiful!!!!! I am going to do some DVD shopping today and may get the dock for my iPod since it's only like $30.

Well I must shower, Kelly is about to come over with a new puppy. Not sure what his plans are for it. He's always getting homeless dogs and finding them homes but as always it starts off that he's keeping it. TTFN!!!

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