Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hello hello hello :)

Long time no blog :)
Work had me busy, well not busy but because I get out at 8-8:30 and it takes me almost an hour to get home as soon as I get here it's pretty much take a shower and go to sleep to wake up for the next work day. Working 3 days in a row wasn't as bad as I thought it was but once Sunday came and it was time to come home I wanted to run out of there.

Many of you know that New York got bombarded with snow this weekend. It was suggested to me to stay in the hospital and sleep there but I didn't want to and decided to come home. Other nurses wished me luck and it was greatly appreciated but I don't think I needed it because it took me the same amt of time to get there as on a regular day, except for Sunday but I think that's because the trains run slower on Sunday. Ummm I like work, I may even love work but don't want to jinx it. I do feel out of place sometimes but I think it's because the people on the day shift are a little older than me and are all Filipino, so sometimes they talk their language and I don't understand. I'm going to see if my cousin's husband (he's filipino/chinese) knows any of this language so he can teach me. The night shift I think might be different but the way the day shift talks about them it seems like they don't do what they are suppose to do and leave everything for the day shift to do. My cousin told me both shifts talk about eachother in every hospital so not to pay it any attention. I love my cousin, she's a RN too and always asks me about my day and tells me not to worry because with time comes experience and she was once a slow worker like I am now. What takes a "normal" RN 5 minutes to do take me 10 but only because I still second guess myself. I am up to taking care of 4 patients by myself now, much different when I was in school when the most I would get was 1.5 (I would share a pt with another classmate.) Next time I go back (Thursday) I think they may up me to 6, which isn't bad except for documenting - I write so sloooooooow, it takes me forever. And of course me being who I am, I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night if I would write sloppy LOL. At nights I think I'll have more time though so maybe I shouldn't worry yet.

Payday is Wednesday but I won't pick up my check until Thursday. I'm starting to re-think it because sometimes I buy breakfast and even though I get to work 20 min early I still don't have time to eat it so when will I find time to pick up my check? I think I'll take an extra trip to the hospital to pick it up. If the cross stitch store was open on Wednesday I'd take a not so quick trip out there but it's closed but maybe I can do some shopping instead :-D

I've upgraded my cellular phone plan so now I have unlimited web services. It may be a waste of money since I talk to no one LOL, but if ever anyone wants to IM me my AIM is Mia61075, I'll try to get more screen names on different IM programs so I can perhaps turn into Ms. Popular hehe. Oh I do have a MSN screen name which is the same Mia61075 and if my Yahoo is still working that would be Katep6500 (for Kobe hehe) I've been playing around with my phone and it's been taking up all of my time. I'm still trying to download a new wallpaper and ring tones, hopefully today I get it right. I'm thinking of getting GPS for my phone, it sounds useless but when I went skiing we managed to get lost and my cousin's gf got us there by using her phone so HA! it's not that useless. I'm contemplating on getting a new phone with the bluetooth thing and windows so that I can do more stuff in April, technology is amazing once you think of it. I'll never be away from the internet!!!!!

I haven't stitched much which is still sad. It's going on February and I still have only 2 finishes under my belt. I just really haven't felt like stitching. It's like I do but then to think of cutting floss and threading the needle - it's just too much for me. I think because what's really stopping me is looking through my DMC floss to pick out what I need. As mentioned before I need a better system. I actually like to waste money because I'm thinking of going out to buy the floss that I need for my projects which I know I already have at home. I should instead buy floss away bags and store my DMC floss like that, we'll see I guess because then the new problem is how do I store the bags? In a box? And where will I get such a box? *Sigh*

I really have much more to write about but I think I'll stop. I know long blogs can be overwhelming to some of those who read them and so far I don't think I've written anything juicy so I'll stop boring you :) I do have some Ana stories that I'll share maybe later? I just wanted to stop in and say hello...


Leeny said...


it's great to see u here, i was wondering when u would blog again! sounds like work is going fairly good so far, which is great, hope it just keeps getting better! also, i'm gonna add u to my msn and yahoo messenger (dont have aim), maybe i'll be able to catch u online sometime, when both of our timezones will cooperate, lol. btw, u have hello yeah, for blogger? what's ur screen name on that, i'll add u there too. well, i'll see u later then, and i expect some ana stories! *grin* take care, and i hope u get some stitching in!

eileen :)

Leeny said...

oh, i forgot to say, for my dmc threads, i use the dmc stitchbow system. i know some people hate it, but personally, i love it. everything goes into those plastic sleeves, and then i just store them in regular folders, it's so easy. i havent made the effort to put all of my floss onto the stitchbows and into my system, but each time i use a "new" colour from my bag of threads, it goes onto the bow and into the sleeves, so i guess i'll get there in time, lol. i do use floss-away bags for my overdyeds, and for those, after they've been sorted out alphabetically, i group them in bunches, and then put each bunch in a ring, and pin them to my corkboard. hmmmm.....did any of that make sense?! LOL. anyways, just wanted to share with u my system, i'm sure u'll figure what works best for u. =)

My Life In Stitches said...

Glad to hear that you are liking work. i have always said that you need to like your job. I also wanted to comment on the threads...I use to buy all new threads too because the ones I had weren't organized and I could never find what I was looking for anyway. I finally organized them with the little baggies a few years back. Then when the stitchbow system came out, my hubby got the entire collection for me along with each and every single DMC thread for my birthday. I love the stitchbow system. I hope you find a system that works for you and that you get your stitching bug back.
Happy Stitching,