Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm Baaaaaaack :-D

I'm back from my weekend trip and thank God it's a three day weekend for me because I came back with the wickedest (is that word??) cold ever!!!!! The sore throat that I had which I thought would just remain at just that blossomed last night and now I'm all stuffy and runny and feeling just plain icky.

We went to the Poconos to "ski." We actually didn't ski although I think I would have wanted to had I had enough money so instead we went snow tubing, which was fun. The trip had it's ups and downs since I come from a very moody family! But in the end we all love eachother. Umm I think we plan on going back sometime in February and I *hope* I can drive my own car there since 9 people in a mini van just don't fit the way we thought we would. Plus I think I'd like to stay somewhere else, although where we stayed was surprisingly clean, I mean we like walked in our white socks and our socks stayed white, I can't even do that in my house (not that we're dirty people or anything.) Oh I am officially anal. I have little things about myself that does not allow me to be around alot of people, I get this obsessive feeling of cleaning everything and straightening up. Like everything has to be a certain way for me to feel good or something. I had to make an announcement about the toothpaste and how if you use it please use the flip top instead of the screw top and please oh please clean the tube. I just hate it when the toothpaste gets all over the opening and then it cakes up *argh* it drives me crazy!!! Another thing that drives me crazy is when people don't fold their clothes! I shared a suitcase with 2 of my cousin's to save space and my cousin Jay would just throw his clothes in the suitcase and then Cristy would fold her pants weird, it was like huh? that's not how you fold pants! The back pocket must be showing, it's like they just roll them into a ball. Maybe it's just me though because my mother, Kelly, and apparently my cousins do it this way. I wonder if my dad does it - if he doesn't then I may take the anal crown away from him because he's one weird little man when it comes to things like this.

I have a new movie to add to my top 5 movie list - Napolean Dynamite!!! I saw it like 3 times this weekend and now we go around saying - IDIOT...God - whenever someone says something dumb. I don't know what it is but my cousins and I can memorize a movie like our lives depended on it. I'm still quoting Elf whenever my cousin gets upset to cheer her up. Gabby if your reading this - there's a horrible noise coming from the evil box underneath the window it sounds like this eeeeeeeeeeeegh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;-) Oh I also saw Anchorman, (finally my dvds are coming out of the shrink wrap lol) but I was watching and packing so I could concentrate on it but I love the part where the all get together like gangs and then the hispanic news cast comes out to fight with them, my cousin told me that one of the weapons were scissors taped onto a stick and although I didn't see it I still laughed like crazy.

I'm glad to be back, I missed Ana. When I called home I asked my mom to put her on the phone so I could talk to her LOL. Next time she comes, although I don't know if she can handle the car ride. When I got home my cousin was bringing in the bags and I was cleaning out the car and she came running out bypassed my cousin (he's only her 3rd favorite person in the entire world) and almost jumped into the car to greet me - my other cousin closed the gate before she could get out though. You should of seen her run out, she was really happy to see me. My dad apparently has been spoiling her at meal times, I hope tomorrow when I feed her she eats because the extra treats before, during, and after dinner are coming to an end. I also hope she eats what I feed her. He's been giving her burgers, fries, and baked ziti. She gets none of that with me, well maybe on the weekends but not too often, it's usually a little chicken and gravy mixed in with her dog food. Alfred the fish was still alive when I got home too. My mother asked me if I wanted her to feed him but I could picture me coming home to an empty vase so I told her no. He did seem a little starved and down. I gave 2 extra pellets so he should recover. I still have to find a peace lily so I can finish his home but I can't find any. I'm about to take apart the one we have in the living room and put half of it in his tank, but I'm sure one will turn up soon.

I made dinner Saturday night, like by myself without my mother looking over my shoulder :-D I did have to call my mother to ask her some questions but other than that I did a pretty good job, I was even complimented! The menu consisted of pork chops, smashies (mashed potatoes), brocolli and cheese for me, and macaroni and cheese for the anti vegetable people.

Stitching wise - I got some of that in but not alot. I wish I could get out of this slump and I'm sure I will but I'm not getting over it fast enough. Maybe some stash shopping will help me. I'm planning a trip to NJ to touch some stash once I get paid. Don't know if I can buy alot because I need to buy an iPod for my train rides. Music makes me happy and wakes me up so it's really a must and I have to buy shoes for work and some more uniforms. I found out that I can wear color scrub tops and all I bought was white soooooo I need more uniforms too, plus there are more things that I need for work, like more white underwear - I hate white underwear, makes me feel like I'm a little kid. I remember going underwear shopping with my mom when I was like 5 and I wanted the ones with the drawings and bright colors and she would tell me no you can't have those they're bad for you (meaning the dye on the the underwear) and I would end with boring white underwear *yuck* once in while I would get a white pair with like really really light purple or pink flowers on them, but of course I hated flowers back then too so they were no fun. LOL it's funny the little things you remember from your childhood.

I think the medicine that I took is starting to kick in, which is great! This weekend I was taking shots of Nyquil at night to sleep and try to get rid of the cold but it didn't work. My Advil Cold and Sinus seems to be doing the trick though *yea* I swear by Advil Cold and Sinus and Neosporin. My cousin teases me and whenever someone comes to me for some problem he answers for me by saying, "Put some Neosporin on it and take an Advil Cold and Sinus." He's such an IDIOT...God hehe. But really it does work so I'll stick to it. Ok I'm going to bed now - didn't realize that it was 12:30am and I CAN NOT go back to a late schedule since I think Tuesday I'm working a 12hr shift and NEED all the sleep I can get. I might have a cool schedule though if I get my preceptor's schedule since since she's been on the unit for a while and seniors usually get shibby schedule's :)
Oh just a last note - I've been brushing up on my spanish, I'm somewhat fluent in it but I still talk spanglish once in a while and I love my language!!! It's so cool to know another language, I think I want to take up another one. Buenas noches mis amigos del internet :)


Leeny said...

hey mercy! welcome back, u have been missed! :) and dont worry, i will join u in the anal department, lol. i'm ok with some things, but there are particular things that just have to be done MY WAY, at least terrence has learnt to adapt! hahaha...the poor guy *grin* also, congrats on the dinner, i remember the pride i felt when i made my first dinner by myself, so it definitely deserves to be applauded! sorry to hear about ur cold, try to stay warm and i hope u will recover as much as possible before u have to head back to work. take care!!

eileen :)

JustLisa said...

Mercy...You crack me up...LOL Thanks always a smile after I read your blog. And YES I do remember the white underwear and colors arent good for you story. Welcome home and hope you feel better soon. Have a great time at work.

Jersey Mom said...

I was thinking of you today as I drove to work! Did you freeze your ears off in the commute?
These are the days I love having a warm toasty car with heated seats! Hope it wasn't too unbearable and the crowded train gave you plenty of body warmth, LOL! Just kidding! Hope your day goes great!

debbi said...

Welcome back Mercy. We missed you and you make me laugh ... glad you had a good trip. ha ha ha hugs, debbi