Monday, January 31, 2005

Quickie post

Just wanted to ramble a little bit - I'll try not to make it long. I stitched today on my magnet :-) It went pretty quick - still not done but all that's left are some stitches here and there and some backstitching. I realized that if I sit in front of the computer less that I have a lot more time to do other things.

I found out today that my Halloween piece made the finals in the Silkweaver's Stitcher's Showcase Contest - too cool for me. Maybe next year I'll win something hehe. Here's the link to check out my Halloween Piece out - I think had I finished the first part and framed it I would have had a greater chance of winning but just being mentioned is cool for me. I think that's all I wanted to mention really - just wanted to boast instead of ramble but I'm allowed right?

Well must go now, would like to stitch for an hour before going to sleep to get up for work. Wish I could stitch on the train in the morning but it's so crowded and on my way home all I want to do is just sit there and pretend I'm at the Bahamas as I stare at the advertisements ;-)
Good Night!!!

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Jersey Mom said...

I pass this billboard on the NJTurnpike before the tolls at 16W that says Honk if you'd rather be in Aruba and it has this wonderful scene of a boat on tranquil waters with a launch out to a gazebo. I honk everytime, people think I'm nuts, I don't. It looks heavenly when all you see is dirty snow, dirty cars and know that only work is ahead of you, LOL!
Anyhow, wanted to say I day dream as well and Congrats on the silkweavers entry!