Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Two finishes for me!!

As you can see I've been stitching today :) Don't know if I'll stitch tomorrow or when's the next time I'll be able to post another finish here. I'm still feeling guilty that Christmas Medley has become someone of a UFO and am still too lazy to take out the floss needed for a RR that I have sitting here on my desk. I don't mind looking for the floss it's just cleaning up the mess that I make that's keeping me from looking. I need a better system for my DMC floss. Putting them on bobbins sounded like a perfect idea but the time it takes to actually put them onto the bobbins kills me. It's not bad if you buy 1 or 2 skiens of floss but after being in floss swaps for years I have so much that it may take me months to get organized. I could pay my cousins to do it for me like I did once but that backfired because I ended up redoing most of them because I didn't like the way they were done.

Umm I think that's all from me tonight - I can't believe that my blog will be short for once. Oh my must think of something to blog about so I can extend this! LOL Oh I have one thing - got into an argument with Kelly about his beard. He wants to go out tomorrow and I told him if he shaved sure we could go out. Before I continue I'd like to say I am not shallow it's just that he looks like a bum and he wants to go out to eat. He sometimes gets into these moods where he doesn't shave and let's his beard grow and sometimes I can handle it but sometimes I can't and this time is one of those times that I can't. Before I would want him to cut it all off (I really hate the beard) but I've learned to compromise and ask him to trim it and shape it up he doesn't have to cut the entire thing off, I just want it to look neat. Oh I hate this beard so much I wish I could explain it in words how much I hate it. I really hate when he gets in these moods. I wonder if I have things that I sometimes do that he hates? Oh I got it - he probably hates when I ask him to shave LOL. Any veteran wives/significant others out there with some tips on how to trick him into thinking that he wants to shave when in reality he doesn't?!?! hehe

Well I'm going to bed - would like to stitch but don't have the heart to start anything new tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll look for something new to stitch, hope I have some fabric on hand!


Leeny said...

hey mercy! good on u for the 2 finishes! i saw it on ur cyberstitchers album first, and decided to come here to see if u have posted them yet, and u have! :) love both of them, and congrats on winning that kit, i'm so clueless, i didnt even know that u won bingo on the group, lol. as for the beard, i really dont know how to help u, just hope and pray that one day he decides to shave it off. my dad was in one of these moods before too, he started growing out a moustache, but because he doesnt get much facial hair in the first place, it doesnt get full at all, so it's like a really patchy moustache. it looked really horrible, and i keep telling him he looks like a cross between a pervert and an escaped criminal, lol, but he still ignored me! he did shave it off one day though, but i never found out why, even so, i was grateful he snapped out of it! well, good luck to u, hopefully u can get him to at least trim it and keep it neat.

eileen :)

Mercy said...

Thanks Eileen :)
The win was from another group I'm in not CSE. He did shave but for nothing because I'm not seeing him today -he decided to make an entire project out of it and I told him to stay home if he was going to have an attitude. It's just one of those days where we don't get along I guess.