Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As promised some Ana stories...

My Ana
As mentioned before Ana is an attention hog. Pay her no mind and she cries. Everyone that meets her loves her and those that don't love her right away usually end up loving her. We went to Starbuck's once and she made people pet her. It's like if you don't pet her well then she'll pet you, it doesn't matter she's getting attention either way. When she wants attention at home she'll just walk up to you and stare, if that doesn't do it then she'll do a slow way, next is the turn around side wag, and finally she'll just go under your hand and make you pet her.

She's not really my dog but I say she's mine. Kobe is my dog but since he's living at Kelly's house now (he and my dad did not get along) Ana came to live with me. I think she's happier here, Kelly's voice was to strong for her. He couldn't talk to her without her thinking that she was in trouble, so really if you ever heard him talk to her now it's in this baby voice. When Kelly first got her I hated Ana, I called her every name in the book - dumb, stupid, ugly, a bitch (and even though she is one in doggie world I didn't mean it that way.) If you were to see us today, you would swear that I loved her from the start. But like I said she always ends up making her enemies her friends. My mom hated her too, but only because she feels animals shouldn't be in the house, now the first "person" she says hi and good night to is Ana.

Ana could be the perfect dog and in many ways she is but she has her moments where you just want to shake her. She's evil at times but in a nice way, if that's possible. She's housebroken but if she's mad at you she will have an "accident" but always in a place where it's easy to clean - that's the nice thing about it hehe. I know she does it out of spite so I yell at her. She only does it when I go out and don't take her. I mean I can go out but if I'm gone the entire day, come back, give her some half-ass attention you better believe that she'll have a surprise for me when I get home.

Ana is quirky. She has these things about her that you don't understand. Like when she adopted the stuff mouse and tried to nurse it and keep it warm. Thankfully it has gone from being her baby to her best friend so she's not so attached to it anymore and will leave it.

Ana is very playful. When she's in a playful mood you really have to calm her down because she runs around here and bucks like a horse. As playful as she is she won't share her toys with humans. If you take them away from her and try to play with her with it she will very nicely take it away from you and hide it. You can't even get upset about it because she's really nice about it.

Ana is loveable. Don't like dog kisses? You will love them from Ana even if she has the worse breath in the entire world. She loves to snuggle at bedtime but at the same time as soon as you fall alseep she will lay as far away from you as possible and of course you never know it because when you wake up poof she's snuggled up to you again.

Ana gives you lessons the hard way. You discover she has seperation anxiety by coming back to a house which leads you to believe someone has broken in. You know dogs hate strong gum because when you offer them some they start to sneeze and turn their heads but with Ana you discover that she's special because she chewed the entire pack of gum and now when you roll her over she has gum all over her chest and you have to cut patches of her fur off (btw this happened last night.) Of course you can't stay upset with her because she's Ana :-D


Leeny said...

awwwwwww.....i love these ana stories! i've got the warm fuzzy feeling inside :) i hope i get to meet ana one day!

eileen :)

Jersey Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your stories about Ana, you did a great job of it, it was fun to read!
Got more?

debbi said...

I am smiling .... dogs have a way to make us all warm and fuzzy. I loved reading your stories. And I love her pictures. Whenever you feel like more, I'll be here to read them.