Monday, January 10, 2005

My First Day of Work

It sucked!!!!!!!!! LOL Just kidding :-)

It was ok - tiring but then again I get bored easily and just sitting there watching videos and listening to people talk is boring. I did doze off for like 2 sections of the presentation but I don't think I missed anything because I was able to answer the questionaire at the end. Tomorrow I have to be there at 8am which means I have to leave my house by 6:30am. I really have to get use to waking up early again, I'm going to try to get to bed at around 10-11 tonight and I should be good. I have to go to the nursing office before I go to the classroom which worries me because I don't know why I have to go. Next week I go to the floor *yea* finally some real work - I bet you next Monday I'll complain LOL. The CEO/Pres of the hospital said today that New Yorkers are professional complainers and I must say this is very true.

Kelly came to pick me up at work today and rode the train with me, which was sweet considering he has to work tonight and the train ride from my house to his is almost 2 hours. I was happy he accompanied me home, I got to sleep on the train without worrying.

I didn't lock Ana up when I left this morning, I thought my mother would but to my surprise she didn't. She said Ana followed her around all day and in the morning looked like she wanted to jump on the bed with her, I'm glad Ana didn't because she definitely would have spent the day in her cage. My mother was laughing when she told me this because Ana is not allowed in her room and doesn't go in when she's home, so she was surprised that she came in. I told my mother to be careful because Ana is a master at getting on the bed when she's not suppose to without being noticed. There have been plenty of times when I'm laying down and she climbs up and makes herself comfortable and I don't notice until much later, by then it's too late to tell her to get off because she really looks comfy. Kobe is another story though he'll jump and disturb you and when you tell him to get off he quickly lays down and turns into a rock so you can't push him off. Last night she did keep me up, she kept walking around on the bed and since I forgot to bring her water bowl in from the other room she started crying. I'll make sure she has her water bowl tonight because I need my sleep.

I stitched last night!!! I think that's another reason I was tired this morning - I stayed up stitching. I took it to work with me today but didn't feel comfortable enough to take it out during my lunch break.

OMG I forgot to mention that I feel so out of place at orientation! It's like everyone knows eachother and I'm "hey there lonely girl." Like 20 students from NYU are doing their internship there. I did speak to a few but still feel out of place. I guess I'll get A. over it or B. use to it. I do miss my friends from school though esp. Sijjad - which reminds me I have to call him.

Well I'm yawning up a storm over here so I'm going to start getting ready for tmr and am going to try to watch Dawn Anna on Lifetime and maybe stitch during the movie then off to sleep I go.


Jersey Mom said...

Happy to hear your first day went well, I was thinking of you this morning, thinking....hmmmm as I'm in the Turnpike someone is on a train to work - hee hee!
Welcome to the commuter life!

Leeny said...

mercy! glad to hear that all went well for u on the first day! it's still about 2 plus more weeks before i start work, but it's getting closer, and i'm getting excited! i hope i will have a smooth start just like u. and i'm sure u will get to know the rest of ur group soon enough, i always feel out of place in these kind of situations, but before u know it, u start settling in. good luck, and cant wait to hear more as ur week progresses!

eileen :)