Monday, January 03, 2005

They called!!!!!!!!

Who called you may be asking?? The hospital that I want to work for!!!! I'm so happy, I thought they weren't going to call but they did :) Now the next step is to actually get the job. I'm so happy - when I got off the phone with them I was a bit shaky from excitement. I go tomorrow at 2pm - I won't drive like last time so now I'm regretting the time I chose to go because the train may be running funky, oh well I'll leave early like at 12 and just walk around. Of course it's suppose to rain tomorrow so I'll be walking around in the rain *grr* But there is this nice needlepoint shop near so maybe I can hang out there. They sell GAST threads so maybe I'll pick up a few.

I didn't blog last night but I did upload my latest finish. My plans were to upload and blog after I dropped my cousin off but it didn't work out. I started to stitch again on HIH Christmas Medley. I hit a lazy spot which was holding me back but I got over it. The lazy spot was that I didn't want to cut the floss that I needed to continue - real lazy right? LOL.

I started piecing together another quilt. My Christmas gifts from Kelly (2 quilt kits) came in on Friday. I was a bit tipsy that New Years night when I tried to read the instructions and felt that I was reading some alien language. But last night I re-read them and everything made sense. I couldn't get far because the headache from hell came to visit me.

I'm in my punk rock/grunge mood, which is great since my cousin's show is on Thursday so it won't be that hard to switch from the hip hop in my car to the rock that he plays in the bar. I'd like to see another band play on Friday but don't know if anyone will go with me and I think it would suck to go by myself.

Well I'm off to find something to do. Maybe I'll continue on my quilt or maybe I'll look through my things to find a magnet to stitch - I signed up for a magnet exchange which should be fun :)
Wish me luck for tomorrow!!! TTFN!!!! :)


debbi said...

Good luck on the job!

Leeny said...

mercy! just wanna say all the best, and i hope u get the job! keep us updated, and hope to hear some good news from u!

eileen :)

Jersey Mom said...

Best of luck on the job!