Saturday, March 19, 2005

Work again!

So I have to go to work again and I'm my body is just feeling so lazy. I went out last night and I just feel thrashed, imagine if I had drank I don't think I'd be able to get out of bed today - is this an indication that I'm getting old??? LOL.

Well I'm trying to post a picture of my latest "In the Garden of My Heart" update but for some reason it's taking forever, hopefully it will be done before I go to work so those who check in can see. It's coming along nicely and if I wasn't so tired I'd stitch on it today.

Went stash shopping yesterday - sort of a last minute decision. Didn't buy much but did notice that my taste in patterns is changing slightly. Still like the cutesy things but my collection of more hmmm serious (?) is starting to increase. My FOTM and IOTM from Dyeing 4 U came in and I am so happy with it!!! I was greedy and joined 2 of their FOTM (so I'm in 3 inc Silkweaver) the fabrics they sent are Cashel Linen Ocean Fog and Cameo Peach and Opalescent Jazlyn Solitude, Butter Cream, and Winter Blues. For my threads I got 6 of the new WDWs and Creasant Colours. I'm in stash heaven right now LOL. I also recently ordered the Elizabeth Designs Cottages which I'm waiting for them to come in. Think I'll put a halt on stash for a while though (I know I say this all the time) I'll just stick to my FOTMs and IOTM and I want to get the silks and charms for a few of my ED patterns and JDs My Stitching Treasure - I may start it after I'm done with what I'm stitcing on now or I may start JDs Time to Quilt (Autumn) the colors for that one are so pretty and autumn-ish, I just love it!

Well time to go and maybe get in an hour nap! My cousin is coming over so i doubt it but atleast maybe I'll get to lay down for a while. TTYL!!!

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