Thursday, March 31, 2005

This and that

Oh why oh why did I decide to drink coffee?!?!? You're probably thinking hmm I bet she's wired now but I'm not. Coffee makes me extremely sleepy and I'm trying to fight it the best I can. I wanted to stay up tonight and watch some Roseanne and stitch but don't know if I can now. This is what I get for drinking that disgusting black liquid!

Working by myself actually went well. I didn't mess up and I was actually done on time, early I even think. My only fear is that I'm forgetting to do something, which is unlikely since no one has mentioned anything to me. I think I'm done on time because my district is light. Anyhoo - patients remained alive and happy. I just hope I'm not forgetting to do something. I work Fri-Sun which will be my first 3 days in a row on nights. I don't know if I can manage it. As much as I like nursing and my job after the second day of taking care of people I kinda need a break but I think it's only when I have a demanding patient. Two days of catering to someone's every need is enough I think. I don't like my patients to wait for the aide when they ring the call bell so I usually answer it and if I can help them out then I do and not wait for the aide. I guess from a patients perspective I am their only nurse but I would like to know if they REALLY know that they are not my only patient, I mean of course they know but do they understand it? I don't like for them to feel like I'm rushed so I usually take my time with them and most of them tell me I'm so patient but today it got to a point where I had to tell this patient to call me when she was sure she was done because the mornings can get busy - I wanted to add and I can't stand here waiting for you but knew I couldn't - I mean I wouldn't want anyone telling me that. Then I felt bad for saying what I said but I knew if I didn't I would keep getting called when the pt felt "I think I'm done" instead of "I'm done." I don't know, I guess I'm not one for telling people "I'm not able to help you all the time" so I feel bad when I do. Especially since I feel however I treat my patient is the same way I'll get treated or my family will get treated whenever we are hospitalized.

Today my mum had surgery, she told me that the nurse held her hand and rubbed it. It made me happy because I would hold someone's hand and actually like to hold my patient's hand whenever I can. It's nice, makes me emotional when I think of it though and I want to cry. I don't think I'd hold someone's hand if they were in labor though LOL. Ok now I feel better about the entire "I can't stand here forever" situation.

Funny thing about my mother - I don't know why but everytime she has surgery she buys me a gift. I do not know why. It isn't a big luxurious gift but she buys me something small. Last time she bought me a $10 watch with a smiley face and the smiley face went round and round as the seconds ticked. She's bought me 2 expensive watches and this one out of the 3 is my favorite :) Today I bought her a gift - nothing exquisite but something she wanted and I was too cheap to buy last week - a new garbage can! hehe She's happy with it but now I have to go out and spend more money (remember I'm trying to save) for freaking polish since my cousin tells me (we bought her a garbage can when she got married this May) it's prone to fingerprint stains and I KNOW ours will have little doggie nose prints all over it. Ahh but like I said she's happy with it and we can finally get rid of our cheap garbage can.

Well coffee has worn off *yea* I will now go and stitch but before I leave I must mention that I have begun to stitch on my break rather than sleep. I'm starting to hate sleep. I feel that I sleep too much. I didn't sleep when I work days so don't think I need sleep while on nights. We'll see how long that last's though, I may need a nap on Sunday. Okies TTYL!!!

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debbi said...

Mercy - keep the stories coming. Glad you had a good workday on your own and liked the story about your mum. big hugs, debbi