Friday, March 11, 2005

Partial Ana post and some other stuff...

Ana loves to eat. I know some of you are saying what dog doesn't love to eat?!?! But Kobe is one of those dogs that doesn't love to eat and so far this Niki is finicky as well. But Ana put a plate in front of her and she'll eat. She has this look on her face when she's eating something new. Sort of like "ewww what this I'm eating? Am I suppose to be eating this? Hmm I don't know if I like it - let me try some more." It's really funny. She follows me around the house but when I'm not here she stays upstairs in her cage which is weird because she doesn't go in there otherwise unless she's tired and can't get to my bed. My parents tell me the only way she comes out is when they say "dinner time." Then she comes running downstairs to the plate and once she's done back upstairs she goes. Since being here (I think she came last year in the summer) she has gained a total of maybe 8lbs. She's fat in my eyes - she can still do her normal running activities and since it's still cold out, I'll allow her the extra weight. She goes to the vet soon for her rabies shot, so if he says she's ok then I'll keep her this way - if not guess who just found a new jogging buddy?

Today is my cousin's birthday - she is 19. She is my best friend although I don't want to admit it. I still remember being mean to her when we were younger. I still remember her when she was 16 and we started to become friends. I think that was when she moved away, we now realized that as long as we don't live together we can be friends hehe. We are all going out to eat to celebrate. We once got free dessert when we pretended that it was her birthday at restaurant and they sang to her - now we won't feel so bad when they do it because today is her birthday.

I've asked Kelly to shave again, is it alright that I do these things? We didn't argue about it this time like last time when it was either me or the beard. It was more like:
Me: Kelly can you shave?
Kelly: Umm I'll think about it
Me: Ok, it's Cristy's birthday and we're all going out to eat - ALL OF US (which means party of 9)
Kelly: Oh, well I'll stay home then
Me: I'm not telling you to shave it off, just trim it a little.
Kelly: Oh, I guess I'll think about it, I left my cellphone at work.
What his cellphone has to do with shaving I really don't know but I took it as he wanted to change the subject and since I'm in such a good mood I left it alone. Hopefully he shave's.

Work is work. I had an embaressing moment the other nights when a patient asked me if "I wanted some of this." I felt my face go red. I just ignored him and gave him is 2 injections as fast as I could so I could get out of there ASAP. What was so "great" about it was that his 2 injections had to be given in his abdomen so I pretty much knew/saw what he was talking about. I hate psych patients. Well I don't hate them sometimes they can be nice but when they get in their crazy moods, it's just so *ugh* I wanted to try and ignore him for the rest of the night but of course I couldn't because what if he falls or something. Thankfully when I did my rounds he was sleeping but one time I went back to check on him and he asked me if I was sure? LOL I'm pretty sure work will get more interesting as time goes on.

Well this is where I end - again I have spent the most part of my day on this thing so I need to get off and do something constructive like shower and get dressed. TTYL!!!

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