Monday, March 28, 2005


I like laughing when things go wrong. Makes me feel like I'm uplifting the mood or something. People are funny and it's funny to see that one minute everyone is happy with eachother calling eachother family members and then something happens and *poof* a big divide occurs. Just needed to write that because honestly most of the time I don't know what's going on thanks to my delete button but whenever I get bits and pieces it just makes me chuckle...

Small update on me - feels like I've just posting my WIP progress pics. Work today, first day alone, and I'm nervous as shit. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok but there's always that chance that something may go wrong. This week is my long week so you may not hear anything from me until next week since I'll be sleeping all week probably. I hate nights for that reason, you spend all of your time sleeping. If the world was 24 hours then it wouldn't be so bad but when I'm up all the normal people are sleeping and everything is closed. I think I want to go back to days - I miss sleeping when it's dark out.

Well I must go eat dinner and get dressed for work. It's raining pretty hard here and I have to leave early so I have enough time to change. TTFN!! And enjoy my new WIP pic :)

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