Thursday, March 03, 2005

Me again :-)

Well good mail day today! My order from San Man Originals Secret Shop came in today, plenty of good things came in, well not plenty but 3 nice things. Shipping takes a while but when your things finally get here you get a "thank you" gift which isn't something cheezy either so it's sooooo worth the wait.

Another thing - my favorite online needlework shop just notified me that something I requested is in, which of course meant that I had to place an order because I'm not just going to order one thing so dilemma over, I'm getting some stash in the mail next week sometime! And best of all what I ordered is for my cousin who always complains how come I never stitch anything for her when she sees me stitching :)

Off to wash my hair - so far things have been getting in the way!! Hehe

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