Thursday, March 31, 2005

Just dropping by :)

I have to wash my hair and since I've left to the absolute last minute I can't stay long. I've updated my WIP with a new pic - to be seen soon and I'm sorry to say that I may not be able to stitch on it tonight because my hair must be done but now at this instant I have changed my mind - I will wake up early tomorrow and wash and straighten it. Funny how the mind changes when you really want to stitch.

Well my mother has her patch off and it's weird how if I had a patient who was recovering from eye surgery I'd be able to look them in the eye no problemo but with her I don't even want to see it since I get skeevish - the bottom of it is bloodshot and it just gives me the willies.

Bought Ana some new toys today - again. I swear my computer room and bedroom are filled with toys. She's cute so I don't mind and sometimes I arrange them all on her bed which makes it even cuter. She likes to lay on her back with her toy in her mouth and pulls on it with her paws - it makes me laugh.

Okies...I'm off to stitch, maybe I'll change my mind again and wash my hair tonight I don't know I'm so confused!!!

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