Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's Snowing

It seems that everytime it snows really bad I have to go to work. There was only one time where the meteorologist predicted this big bad storm (which of course never happened) and I had off. As I look out of my window all you can see is this big white blur. I think I'll wear regular clothes to work tonight and then change because I hate wearing white and wearing white in the snow only means that the bottom of my pants are going to get dirty which will make me hate my white scrub pants even more.

I've spent the first 1.5 hours of the day on this computer and feel like a total loser. I hate spending so much time on the computer. It's like all that time wasted could be put towards more important things. Like showering, doing my hair, getting my things ready for tonight, and maybe stitching and relaxing so I don't have to feel rushed for tonight.

Got the Pocket PC updated with tons of nursy stuff, still debating whether to get the IV Drugs Manual on there, I feel like I don't really need it but at the same time I do, my regular drug guide has IV drugs but some of the info that the IV Drugs Manual has is not in my regular drug guide.. I'll have to think about it, I mean these things are tax deductible so why not? I've also ordered some nursing monthly journals (also tax deductible) so I can keep up with what's new, just hope I read them. Sometimes things just sound like blah blah blah when I read them and it puts me to sleep. Some things I do find interesting though so not all is at a lost.

I also broke down and joined this thread of the month thing. Found an ok price for it ($20) and I'll get 6 Cresant Colours and 6 Week Dye Works every month. Also joined another FOTM club - I did say I'll think about it once I get the drug guide for my pocket pc LOL. Of course I can't wait for my stuff to come in. Well I'm off to make up for the time I lost this morning. Maybe I can have everything ready by 5ish and still have some time to relax before I have to run off to work. Later gators :)

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