Monday, March 14, 2005

A little spring cleaning

This weekend I have been cleaning. It's really scary how paper and other crap just piles up. I guess when you're busy with work you attempt to read something, don't have the time, and just put is aside in an ever growing pile or crap. I must had shredded tons of paper, thrown away tons of boxes, and just gotten rid of alot of stuff today. I'm in the process of doing spring cleaning I guess. No matter how much I cleaned, my shelves still look a mess. Everything is in order but I just can't bare to look at them. My solution to the problem is to ask my dad to put doors on the bookcases or buy those canvas boxes and put my books/stash in them so they look somewhat neat. So far Target didn't have the canvas type just "wood" in red and blue - not sure how I feel about that. Bed, Bath, and Beyond had the canvas type but I didn't like the way they were constructed - they looked cheap. Crate and Barrel didn't have any I like and Pottery Barn hmm I think they only had the oatmeal color and I want something bright. I'm going to check Ikea tomorrow, on the website it looked like they had what I want. If not my search for canvas boxes continues...

I bought a DVD "book"case this weekend. I've been looking for one since forever. Everyone that I find is either too big or too small. I finally found one that was just right but will have to go out and buy another one since I underestimated the amount of DVDs that I owned. I think I'm obsessed with DVDs now because they look so pretty in the case and I'm trying to con Kelly into letting me bring some of his over so my other case won't look too empty. He's not budging unfortunately since he actually watches DVDs whereas I just have them just in case I get bored to death one day and actually have the motivation to watch a DVD. Another thing I bought this weekend is this comfy desk chair. OMG is it comfy - well compared to my last one it is atleast. I was debating for weeks on whether I should buy a new one. The one I originally wanted was $200. Too much for a chair if you ask me, but while I was going to window shop for one the other chair literally broke - so my decision was made. They didn't have the one I wanted though so I ended up getting a better one (IMO) for a cheaper price.

Note to self: Do NOT let anyone feed tripe to Ana ever again!!!! My dad made this yummy soup and gave Ana some with her kibble. Well guess who won't be sleeping in my room tonight? She has pretty bad doggie gas right now. Of course I don't really mean she won't be sleeping with me tonight because if she doesn't sleep with me then I can't sleep, so I guess I'll suffer tonight *sigh*

I wish I stitched this weekend but I didn't. My 5 day vacation is gone. I think it went by too fast. I thought I'd get tons of rest but I don't think I did. I feel tired still. Oh and I seriously think I have some sort of circulation problem. When I sit my left leg feels funny, not a hurting funny but somewhat weird and painful and my toes fall asleep. I'm going to see a doctor about it unless it stops and I forget about it.

Well I'm off to sleep - I have to go to the Post Office tomorrow and spend a small fortune. I have piles of stuff to mail out. Good Night!!!

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