Sunday, March 06, 2005


Tonight is the big night! I work almost alone and it will be my first night shift. I should be taking a nap or something but thanks to youth being on my side I think I'll manage without a nap. Plus I slept all night last night so I should be ok.

I think I've created a fabric monster! I am now searching all fabric sites to see which ones offer a FOTM so I can sign up for. So far I've seen 2 that I want to join but don't know if it's a wise choice at this time. I still haven't managed to budget my money yet and don't want to go overboard you know? I told myself I'd splurge until I start nights and then I'll get more serious, well nights are here so I guess the next step is to get serious. I know before I commit to more fabric I have to re-purchase and re-load my drug guide to my pocket pc. When I reformatted my computer and then didn't charge my pocket pc everything went to hell and I lost my drug guide *sigh* what a lesson learned.

Ana has an ear infection, thanks to my mom. She "helped" me wash her and ended up wetting her head and *poof* ear infection. I swear I had predicted it before it happened. When my mom went to put water on her head I heard me saying Noooooooo but in a slow motion type of way - the way you only see/hear in movies. I haven't had the time to take her to the vet but luckily I had some medication left over from the last ear infection and have been flushing her ear out and putting the drops in and it seems to look better. Of course I'll take her to the vet to get it looked at just in case it isn't getting better. Plus she needs to go for her shots so I have to take her. I never look forward to trips to the vet especially since "shots" time means we have to take both of them at the same time and now that Nikki is here we have to take 3 dogs this time. Not a fun trip! But I think in this case I would rather take 10 Kobe's to the vet before I take 1 Ana. Ana has a way of wiggling out of everything which makes it hard to pull/push her into the office and then the exam room.

Well I'm updating the iPod right now. Funny how hundreds of songs can not keep up with a 45 minute train ride. TTYL!!

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debbi said...

Good luck at work and give Ana a kiss on the nose. That always makes them "smile."