Monday, March 07, 2005

I survived!!!

Ok can I tell you that I made it last night without passing out from lack of sleep. Reason being: I got to take a 2 hour nap during my break LOL, I laugh because my cousin made me realize that I was paid to sleep last night. It wasn't a comfy nap, I woke up cold with my arm numb and a watch imprint on my face but I got to take a nap. I still haven't been to bed yet and am yawning and my body feels like it's telling me it's time to lay down but I didn't want to be up all night so I didn't go to bed as soon as I got home. I'll go to bed in a few and then do this night thing all over again since I work Tues/Wed and then I'm off until next Tues :-D *yea* 5 days off for me!!!! Had I known earlier (I just found this out Friday) I'd go somewhere. I think I might like days better than nights but it's too early to make that decision. It doesn't matter though because I'm stuck for the meantime on nights.

I think my mail is going somewhere that's not here. So far all of my bills have not come in and I'm worried, since it's basically school loans that I don't want to screw up with, I'd like to own something one day. The Macy's bill never came in either and when I went to check the bill online it said it was due today! Of course the online bill payment was giving me problems so I had to take an emergency trip to the mall to pay it. I'm glad I went because they had the jewelry on sale and I bought myself 2 pairs of earrings for work that were 75% off. They weren't expensive to begin with but with my 75% off I ended up just paying just $58 *go me* I also bought today a pair of the cutest sandals. They were actually made for little kids and are pink and have little hearts on them but I loved them and they fit my feet so I bought them. I'll post a pic soon - just don't laugh hehe. They weren't expensive either so I guess you could say today was my shopping day. Only one thing, I wanted new sneakers and everywhere I went they were sold out and the one place that had them didn't have my size. I guess I'll find them somewhere or atleast find another pair that I like. I wish I weren't so picky when I shopped, it's not all the time I like things.

Well the sleep is getting to me and I will give in to it since well I have to sleep. TTYL and Debbi just looking at Ana makes her smile :-) and thanks for reminding me that I have to flush her ears before bed *ugh* hehe.

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