Monday, November 06, 2006

Who would have known, as a first-timer, that over 1 stitching would take so f-ing long?!?! I swear I'm so over the excitement LOL. It does look nice though so I guess I'll keep on stitching. Ever since making this list for my 15 project challenge I've been getting this antsy feeling everytime I stitch. Like I have to hurry up and finish this so I can move on to the next project and get rid of the list. I don't think I'm going to stick to this challenge at all, it's just stressing me out instead of helping me out. I'll keep it though just in case I get over the feeling.

I've decided what may help me out is having a few projects going on at the same time. Like a small, medium, and large one. That way I'll get my instant gratification when I finish a small project and still be happy about making progress on the other 2 projects. Or maybe I can just have 2 projects going at the same time. The way I'm going to split up Sampler Farm has already been decided like days ago. I'll do it in four parts and I'm already almost done with part 1 if I decide to do this so one small "almost" finish for me :-) I'll share a picture when I'm actually done maybe in a few days.

My sewing machine is fixed! Like I've said I'm a newb to everything since I'm self-taught so I didn't realize that the wind a bobbin setting was on, hence the motor going but the needle staying put. Good thing I realized this before taking it to the store. I still went since I wanted to check out a new machine. The machine I want is like 3k, I could buy a decent watch for that amount or put a teeny down payment on a car so I decided to give it some thought, plus as I've mentioned before my cousin is having a baby and I told her I'd buy her a Bugaboo and with 3k I can buy her 3 LOL. It was a nice machine if ever I should really get into quilting. It's a nice machine for anything, IMO, period! The store we went to was small but so friendly and nice. My cousin, Jorge, loved it. Which was a surprise, he's supportive of what I want to do but never happy about it, so when I asked him to go with me he sort of rolled his eyes, smiled and said yes. I think what he liked is that it was like a little community and he's all about the closeness, which is why he'll come with me regardless if he likes what we're going to do.

Never made it to see Borat, it was SOLD OUT everywhere we went. Maybe I can go today or tomorrow when Kelly is off. We saw Marie Antoinette instead. Kelly was not happy but we (my cousin and I) teased him and said maybe he'd like it the best out of the 3. Last time he went to the movies with my cousin and me, we went to see Pride and Prejudice with him huffing and puffing and guess who shushed us because he was so into the movie? LOL. The soundtrack to the movie wasn't bad but the movie itself confused me. It was like all over the place initially I didn't like but today I decided it was a good movie, crazy huh?

I'm going back to stitch, I want to finish this part of Sampler Farm so I can do my quilting homework. TTFN

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Leeny said...

Hahaha... I must say that I still haven't attempted stitching over 1, it doesn't sound like I will be looking forward to it when it happens! Although, I agree with you, I've seen work stitched over 1, and it looks so cool. As for the challenge, yeah, I figured I'm just in no shape to tackle that, I already feel stressed meeting my RR obligations! So for now, I'm not setting any challenges for myself. And good to hear that the sewing machine is up and running! And aren't those things expensive?! I don't own one, have been thinking of getting one, but they're pricey as. Anyways, good luck with the quilting homework (the class sounds fun, btw!) and can't wait to see your progess on the Sampler Farm!

eileen :)

PS. I'm so impressed with Kelly, I think I gotta take a cue with you and start dropping Terrence some hints! Any tips Kelly wanna share with Terrence? LOL.