Friday, November 24, 2006

A Late Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a late Happy Thanksgiving, I spent mine with my family and surprisingly did not eat a lot, just one serving! I did have to go out afterwards for McD's since my cousin's truly ate ALL of the leftovers (if you can imagine!)

I'm back to work tomorrow and Saturday but then I have a week off again. I've been stitching all day on Sampler Farm. I almost bought more stash but thought it over, although one chart jumped in my head that I feel I need to have so I may go back to the internet sales and get my chart.

Well I want to get some sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow to wash my hair. I can't wait until my vacation again, I want to sew my quilt blocks and stitch of course :-)

Here are some pictures before I leave...

I bought this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond last night. I love it! Just wish it would collapse because now I need to find someplace to store it while it's not in use. The desk part goes down and when I'm on my laptop that's where I put it, I guess it's better for me to use it that way, it's easy on the wrists and back. But right now it's being used to hold my chart and remote control and nintendo ds on the side. I really like it and I can also use it to eat!

Here's Sampler Farm. I'm going to try stitch the top and bottom border this time before I move on to my small project. To tell you the truth I didn't think this would be this small but I think it's because of the fabric count that it is.


Sharon said...

Hi Mercy, Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too! I can't believe that you ate just one serving. Your sampler farm looks wonderful1

KarenV said...

Sampler Farm looks wonderful so far!

Meari said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I just love that little table you got at BBB. Sampler Farm is coming along great.