Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quilting Time

My first class went well. I'm a shy person and thought I'd feel uncomfortable being there by myself but I didn't. The person who sat next to was left handed also so we sort of smiled at eachother after learning that. We didn't do any piecing, it's a beginner's class so all we did was learn how to rotary cut. It was pretty easy since I've done it before BUT all that I know about cross-stitch and sewing was pretty much self taught so I tell everyone I don't have any experience and see if they teach me the "right" way instead of the way I already know. And to give myself some credit I usually have been doing it the "right" way.

The instructor gave us homework, our first block is the log cabin and we're suppose to cut the pieces for it and *if* we have time we can try to piece it together. My machine is broken so that ain't happening. I'm taking it tomorrow to see if they can repair it, my mom is coming with me, so it's girl day out tomorrow. :-) The website said most repairs take 72 hours but knowing my luck it'll take longer. Maybe I'll plug it in later and clean it, it could be just that.

I found the "missing" color to my fabric collection. I'm not too sure I like it but I guess we'll see later on. I can always choose another color. You can judge for yourself whether it's good or not. One of the employees helped me find it, I figure they have more experience picking out fabric and would do a better job at it.

This is the fabric with the 4th color added in. I think it takes away from the black print but maybe when it's pieced together it will look nice...

Kelly gets the BF of the month award, I got this in the mail today. Of course I had to leave little notes that a "surprise" cross stitch present would be nice and had to email him the place to get it from but instead of ignoring it he ordered it for me :-) Didn't realize that this project is so big! Brightneedle usually makes small things no? Well anyway, I can't wait to stitch it. It was already on my 15 project challenge list so this doesn't count as new stash and it was a gift! I'm thinking of maybe starting a rotation so I won't get bored since buying new stash is what makes me excited about finishing my current project so I can start a new one. Well I'm off to stitch/sleep. Good night!


Emily said...

I love the colors that you picked out!! I'm so jealous that you are getting to take this class. I need to find one in my area. It is so much easier when someone shows you how to do it. I get easily frustrated with the patterns. I just made my first tote bag with the help of my sister in law...Anyway, I can't wait to see the progress on your quilt!!

Cindy said...

I am glad that the class went well. I love the colors, I think they will look great together.

What an awesome gift and he does deserve the BF of the month just for taking the hints! LOL