Monday, November 20, 2006


See anything wrong with this picture???

Well if not I'll tell you. I was staring at that window thinking what is that thing that I stitched in the middle suppose to be? I look at the chart and picture and realize that I stitched something in the wrong color!!! The symbol in the chart resembles another symbol which happens to be the symbol of the window and I never realized that it was 2 different colors! In order to fix it I'd have to rip out the entire window and I'm just not doing it, nope, nuh-uh, no sirree! I'm thinking what can I do to fix it. Should I take one strand of the right color and stitch over the stitches already done? Should I just leave it alone? It's suppose to be a heart, which makes sense. *sigh*

Well I'm not stitching anymore, I have work tomorrow (Monday night) and what I was suppose to do today (Sunday) I didn't do since I was stitching so I need rest, I figure out what I'm going to do with this problem later on but I know that I'm definitely not ripping out any stitches!


Barbara said...

Well that the correct colour a lot different than the boo-boo colour? If so IMO, you should rip it up.

Also you know how we are our own worse critic? Forever you'll have the feeling that, you did not get that window right, you had a chance but you didn't take it. Although the general public will not even realise the mistake, the trouble is YOU do!

Lee said...

Ooooooh! Grat film loop! I love all of your projects!

Cindy said...

Maybe you should try stitching over with just one strand of the right color and see how it looks. You can do just a few stitches and maybe you will be able to tell how it will do? I am Grrrrring for you too! That sucks to do that, I know!!!