Wednesday, November 15, 2006

There is some force that is preventing me from starting Dollhouse, when I was suppose to make my working pattern I left the original at Kelly's house, yesterday I ended up running around all day so I had no time. Today I have plans for the entire day so maybe tonight I can start it, or I can start for the hour I have between now and getting ready to leave.

My concerts have been great! I regret not taking my camera to the Modest Mouse concert Monday night. They put on an AWESOME show. There are tickets available to their concert on Thursday and I think I want to go again that's how good it was :) Bloc Party wasn't there last night *tear* I hope they come back to the States soon. I really love them.

Here's a better picture of Winter Snapperland framed

Off to stitch!

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Emily said...

Your winter snapperland looks got me started on these!! :-)