Monday, November 13, 2006

I Failed!

I knew I would LOL, I went to WVAS in NJ (my not so LNS) to buy floss and some fabric for some of my challenge projects. I did well at first, while Tawny was cutting my fabric I was getting my floss. I also wanted to get 2 gifts for 2 stitcher friends of mine so I wandered to the back. I was doing good, I wasn't looking for anything for myself but then I stumbled across this Brightneedle book of small projects (freebies they've put out), I've been dying for small project like these in the book so I can try to make small little things and this was like perfect so I bought it. I also bought the same chart I bought for a friend (it's really nice) and while checking out there was a kit by the register and I bought that too. I love my new purchases and will try not to buy anymore but who knows. The best part of cross stitching is buying stash and I guess I have a lot but I really love my new purchases, maybe my challenge should be that I will stitch what's on my list and think REALLY hard about future purchases before buying them. I actually put something back, Janette Douglas' Winter Stitches, it's so pretty but I've tried to stitch her Take Time to... and they just frustrate me, so maybe thinking over purchases may work.

My framing wasn't done yet, well one was and I'm really happy with it. My dad already hung it on the wall but my mum didn't like the framing, she said it was nothing special and looked old, she didn't understand that I was going for a rustic look. The picture I have is sort of shabby and I'll try to take a better one when the the sun is out tomorrow. My father "gave" me a wall when I brought home my frame and told me to get more things framed so he could hang them. Considering where the wall is at I'm sort of happy. It's a main wall where whoever that comes inside will see it :-) I regret not taking Spring Snapperland to get framed today, I most definitely will next time I go though. My "wall" only has 2 things on it and it looks horrible lol.

I'm going to a concert tonight (Modest Mouse), although its really rainy out so I really want to stay in. I still have to make my working copy of Dollhouse so I'm going to do that now. I hate the last few days of my vacation, it's like things pick up and I end up going tired to work. My days are planned until Thursday I think. Tomorrow night is another concert I'm going to which again I want to stay home because the band I want to see won't be there, the drummer has a collapsed lung and since it happened Friday, I know from my RN experience they won't be there Tuesday, although the not RN part of me still hopes for a miracle LOL. Wednesday I'm going to the Bodies exhibit with my cousin's and then to the dentist with Kelly. She's actually my cousin's husband's mother so I can just go there a relax since it's her home office we are going to and Thursday Kelly wants to go out again. Monday it's back to work for me *sigh* but then the following week I'm on vacation again LOL, but just 1 week this time. I'm off!

This is something I've had framed before it's Elizabeth's Designs In the Garden of My Heart

These are my new things. The top is BNs Small Samplings, the middle is Milady's Needle Needles & Pins (the saying is cute it says Needles and Pins Needles and Pins When a girl marries her trouble begins) and the last one is Blackbird Designs Moonlit Garden, then Q-Snaps, fabric, and tons of floss!

This is something else I've had framed for a while. Since it's red it can't go downstairs on my wall. It's BCs Love and I used the Crescant Colour conversion for it.

And this is my Winter Snapperland! It's plain jane but I like it and I think it goes. For Spring I probably won't opt for plain jane but not too fancy either.


Meari said...

I think the frame looks great with snapperland. Enjoy all your new stash!

Cindy said...

Well at least you can admit that you failed and not try and hide it! lol love the framing they look just wonderful!!!