Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kelly Stitched!

I sort of forced him but I think he did a good job. The stitches lay the opposite of mine but because he did them I'll leave them as is :) Here's a picture - he stitched the leaf the last 2 rows.

And this is him - look at that face of concentration! I asked him if he wanted to keep the project and finish it since his stitches are so pretty and he sort of tossed it back at me and said I'll stitch Kobe if you want me to stitch. I would love for him to start stitching, I think it would be cool LOL, but I also know that picture generated patterns are hard and what if it turns him off from stitching? He tried it once and was doing well but then he left everything on the train one morning and got upset about putting all that time in for nothing. *sigh* Well I'm off to my stitching!

P.S. - Please excuse the mess in the background, I just moved all the furniture in my room and my dad needs to move the TV cable to the other side of the room and I refuse to make it look nice because it will only delay the process, so until then we do the limbo to get out of the room LOL

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Mary Ann said...

WOW! Kelly's stitching looks great!