Monday, February 28, 2005

Just a quick hello :)

Hey there blog readers!
I'm in a good mood right now, don't know why. Umm I worked today and have off until Friday. Weird that other people's Monday was my Friday, for a while I actually thought it was Friday. I go to my orientation on Wednesday and work a 3 day weekend. I'll be MIA for a while I believe since this coming week is HECTIC! I think I may end up working 4-5 days instead of my usual 3! Maybe that 5th day will be time and half who knows. I got stash in the mail today, now I feel like ordering more hehe. If it wasn't snowing I would consider taking a trip tomorrow to Jersey to buy but it is snowing so most likely I'll stay home *sob*
Well I'm off to stitch before I get too sleepy to stitch. Nighty Night!!! *mwaaaaaah*

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